General inquiries FAQ's

  • What are the minimum withdrawal requirements?

    Sellers can withdraw their earnings when reaching a minimum of $100. We process withdrawals biweekly.

  • We have a dedicated dispute system in the BlogReach platform. If you have issues with the buyer, kindly use your account Dashboard to create a dispute. One should be very clear, that they must agree to the decision of the BlogReach support team. The decision could be in favour of other party. So, proceed accordingly.

  • BlogReach Buyers can add funds to their wallets easily. Hover over the menu under your name on the top right. Click on the wallet icon, and you are good to go.

    Note: You can only add funds as a Buyer. If you are logged in as a seller, switch your profile to see the wallet icon.

  • Buyers and sellers can cancel their orders easily on the service page. Find your ongoing tasks in the dashboard. Open the order you want to cancel and click the cancel button.

  • Buyers can ask for refunds. Usually, the credit goes to your wallet. But if you want the refund to your bank card/account or PayPal, we can proceed with it.

    There is only one deduction. The fees that the payment processor charges will deduct from your refund along with 1% charge of BlogReach. It’s better to keep the funds in your wallet, if you plan to order other services.

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