Seller’s queries FAQ's

  • What are the minimum withdrawal requirements?

    Sellers can withdraw their earnings when reaching a minimum of $100. We process withdrawals biweekly.

  • The answer is simple whenever BlogReach comes across any violation of BlogReach terms and conditions, your account will be disabled. If you think we have made this decision in error, kindly get in touch with us using this form.

  • For beginners, it is not recommended, but if the buyer is a trustworthy person, then you can go for it but only at your own risk. However, we strongly recommend to use the platform as your transactions are 100% secure and in the escrow of the company.

  • BlogReach supports different payment methods to pay sellers, which vary for each country, but the most popular methods are PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfer.

    We may be able to pay you using Western Union, Zelle, MoneyGram or other processors. Kindly get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

  • BlogReach makes money in several ways but earning from the freelancing platform is by taking a 20% commission on each order and the membership plans of the seller’s/buyer services.

  • To get the first order on BlogReach, a complete strategy and tips should be considered. Try to remain online on your BlogReach account for 12/24 hours because some buyers demand the work urgently, so they use a filter to filter online sellers.

    Apart from this, be descriptive in your services. Provide as much information as possible. Usually, sellers ask several questions before proceeding to order and try to elaborate on all the possible questions in your services beforehand. So the buyer has all the information he/she is looking for.

  • BlogReach charges a 20% commission on the earnings of sellers. This includes all the charges like credit card processing, foreign exchange charges, bank deposit and withdrawal charges.

    We have tier plans, and if a seller makes above 10,000 USD on monthly earnings, we will reduce the commission to 15%. Similarly, if a seller earns 25,000 USD monthly, the commission will be further down to 10%. The final slab is 5%, which is for high-earning sellers of above 75,000 USD monthly.

    Less than 10,000 USD20% Commission on Earnings
    Less than 25,000 USD15% Commission on Earnings
    Less than 75,000 USD10% Commission on Earnings
    Above 75k USD5% Commission.
    Seller Commission’s Table

    We provide special consideration to the above rates on special seller requests. If you are from a developing or third-world country, we support those sellers to set up their lives and improve their economic situation by reducing the commission rates. Kindly use this page to apply for special considerations. Currently, we support India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ukraine.

  • We have a dedicated dispute system in the BlogReach platform. If you have issues with the buyer, kindly use your account Dashboard to create a dispute. One should be very clear, that they must agree to the decision of the BlogReach support team. The decision could be in favour of other party. So, proceed accordingly.

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